Caleb Akai


Competition Achievements:

7th World Junior Wushu Championships
2018 Brasilia, Brazil
9th place in Daoshu (Group B) - 8.70
7th place in Gunshu (Group B) - 8.53


Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2018 Toronto, Canada
Silver medalist in Changquan (Group B) - 8.42
Gold medalist in Daoshu (Group B) - 8.72
Gold medalist in Gunshu (Group B) - 8.72
Selected as member of Team Canada for Group B

Ontario Winter Games 2018, Wushu
2018 Orillia, Canada
4th place in the combined Changquan, Daoshu and Gunshu event (Group B)


Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2017 Toronto, Canada
Gold medalist in Changquan (Group B) - 8.60
Gold medalist in Daoshu (Group B) - 9.00
Gold medalist in Gunshu (Group B) - 8.50
Named Male Canadian National Champion for B Group

11th Pan-American Wushu Championships
2016 Lubbock, Texas, U.S.
12th in Changquan (Group C) - 8.12
Silver medalist in Daoshu (Group C) - 8.22


Canadian National Team Selections
2016 Toronto, Canada
6th in Changquan (Group C) - 8.46
4th in Daoshu (Group C) - 8.52
5th in Gunshu (Group C) - 8.46

Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2015 Toronto, Canada
4th in Changquan (Group C) - 8.20
Gold medalist in Daoshu (Group C) - 8.70
Bronze medalist in Gunshu (Group C) - 8.60
Ranked 4th in Canada for male athletes under 12 years old