Nima Rahnema


COMPETITION Achievements:

Canadian National Team Selection - Senior Group
2017 Toronto, Canada
Bronze medalist in Optional Changquan (Senior) - 9.10
Gold medalist in Optional Jianshu (Senior) - 9.30


6th World Junior Wushu Championships
2016 Burgas, Bulgaria
8th in Changquan (Group A) - 9.10
5th in Jianshu (Group A) - 8.87
6th in Qiangshu (Group A) - 8.67

Canadian National Team Selection
2016 Toronto, Canada
Silver medalist in Changquan (Group A) - 9.27
Gold medalist in Jianshu (Group A) - 9.43
Gold medalist in Qiangshu (Group A) - 9.28

Selected as National Team member for Group A


5th World Junior Wushu Championships
2014 Antalya, Turkey
11th in Changquan (Group A) - 9.10
6th Combined Jianshu (9.16) and Qiangshu (8.96) - Group A)

Summer Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing, China
2014 Nanjina, China
Silver medalist in Jianshu (Group A) - 9.49
5th in Qiangshu (Group A) - 9.27
Finished 4th overall for the combined event, with a score of 18.76


Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2014 Toronto, Canada
Two-time gold medalist and sliver medalist
Changquan, Jianshu, Qiangshu (Group A)

Selected as National Team member for Group A

Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2013 Toronto, Canada
Changquan (Group A) - 8.67
Jianshu (Group A) - 8.76
Qiangshu (Group A) - 8.50


4th World Junior Wushu Championships
2012 Macau, China
7h in Changquan (Group B) - 9.18
Bronze medalist in Jianshu (Group B) - 9.27
7th in Qiangshu (Group B) - 9.23

Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2012 Toronto, Canada
Top finalist in Changquan, Jianshu, Qiangshu
Selected as National Team member for Group B