Our Curriculum

At Wayland Li Martial Centre, our training approach focuses on developing strong, basic fundamentals and progressing each student based on their full potential.  Our Wushu curriculum is divided into three programs: beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

For kids, we recommend children be at least 4 and a half years old to begin training in Wushu.

Beginner Program (Level 1)

The objective of the beginner program is to introduce students to the physical and mental requirements of Wushu, focusing on learning the basic building blocks.  The program includes:

  • Basic fundamentals including warm-ups, stretching, hand techniques and movements, leg techniques, basic jumps, balance moves
  • Basic striking techniques (punches, kicks) and blocks
  • Beginner Longfist (Changquan) form
  • Physical conditioning exercises

Intermediate PROGRAM (Level 2)

The objective of the intermediate program is to build on the knowledge and skills acquired in basic training and introduce the core Wushu routine curriculum.  This is when a student's journey in Wushu really begins.  The program includes:

  • Continued training in the basic fundamentals acquired in the beginner program
  • Hand and leg combinations
  • Introduction of jumping techniques (tornado kick, butterfly kick, lotus kick)
  • Elementary Longfist (Changquan) routine, also known as the "3rd Duan" form used in Group C competitions
  • Introduction to basic weapon techniques
  • Group C weapon routines (Broadsword, Straight Sword, Staff, Spear) used in competition

ADVANCED (level 3) and competition PROGRAM

The advanced program introduces experienced students to challenging taolu routines and difficulty moves.  By this stage, advanced students with an interest may train for national and international competition, or simply for recreation and wellness goals.  The program includes:

  • Maintaining and honing the basic fundamentals
  • Advanced hand and leg combinations
  • Advanced techniques (jumps, aerial variations, sweeps, balances)
  • Compulsory taolu routines used in senior level and junior group A and B competitions (Longfist, Southern Fist, Broadsword, Straight Sword, Staff, Spear)
  • Optional taolu routines
  • Advanced weapons such as the nine-section whip, three-section staff and many more