Rex Lam


Competition Achievements:

7th World Junior Wushu Championships
2018 Brasilia, Brazil
13th place in Changquan (A) - 8.71
9th place in Daoshu (A) - 9.00
9th place in Gunshu (A) - 8.87


Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2018 Toronto, Canada
Silver medalist in Changquan (A) - 8.76
Gold medalist in Daoshu (A) - 9.04
Gold medalist in Gunshu (A) - 9.04
Selected as member of Team Canada for Group A

Ontario Winter Games, Wushu
2018 Orillia, Canada
Gold medalist in the combined Changquan, Daoshu and Gunshu event (Group A)


Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2017 Toronto, Canada
4th in Optional Changquan (Senior) - 9.00
Gold in Optional Daoshu (Senior) - 9.27
Silver in Optional Gunshu (Senior) - 8.95

6th World Junior Wushu Championships
2016 Burgas, Bulgaria
18th in Changquan (Group B) - 8.50
10th in Daoshu (Group B) - 8.79
8th in Gunshu (Group B) - 8.77


11th Pan-American Wushu Championships
2016 Lubbock, Texas, U.S.
4th in Changquan (Group B) - 8.37
Bronze medalist in Daoshu (Group B) - 8.64

Canadian National Team Selections
2016 Toronto, Canada
4th in Changquan (Group B) - 8.83
5th in Daoshu (Group B) - 8.75
Gold medalist in Gunshu (Group B) - 9.09
Selected as National Team member for Group B


Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2015 Toronto, Canada
Gold medalist
Changquan, Daoshu, Gunshu (Group B)

Canadian National Team Selections
2014 Hamilton, Canada
Silver (x2) and bronze medalist
Changquan, Daoshu, Gunshu (Group B)


Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Championships
2013 Toronto, Canada
Gold and silver (x2) medlalist
Changquan, Jianshu, Gunshu (Group C)

4th World Junior Wushu Championships
2012 Macau, China
23rd in Changquan (Group C) - 9.21
Silver medalist in Gunshu (Group C) - 9.33


Canadian National Team Selections
2012 Toronto, Canada
Top medalist in Changquan, Daoshu, Gunshu (Group C)
Selected as National Team member for Group C