The World Junior Wushu Championships (WJWC) is an international Wushu competition held every two years by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) for competitors under the age of 18.

Over the years, Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre has successfully placed its students on the Canadian National Wushu Team and participated in the WJWC.

2018 - 7th World Junior Wushu Championships

Congratulations to the success of our athletes that participated in the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships!

Dates: July 9 - July 16, 2018.

Location: Brasilia, Brazil

Key achievements:

  • 7 athletes from Wayland Li represented Canada on the National Wushu Team in taolu competition

  • Bronze medal in Gunshu Group C for Adam Shaltout, and Bronze medal in Daoshu Group C for Kai-Hsin Chang

  • Our athletes - Erica, Zeina, Caleb, Rex and Rasa - scored in the top ten of their respective divisions


Canadian National JUNIOR Wushu Team, 2018


Group A

Winnie Cai
Emma Elkerton

Rasa Rahnema (Wayland Li student)
Rex Lam (Wayland Li student)

Group B

Erica Li (Wayland Li student)
Zeina Shaltout (Wayland Li student)

Caleb Akai (Wayland Li student)
Skylar Tran

Group C

Virginia Cai
Tiana Tran

Adam Shaltout (Wayland Li student)
Kai-Hsin Chang (Wayland Li student)

Results for Wayland Li Athletes at the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships


Group C Male - Gunshu

Adam Shaltout, Bronze, Score: 8.62

Group C Male - Daoshu

Kai-Hsin Chang, Bronze, Score: 8.68

Group C Male - Changquan

Kai-Hsin Chang, 14th, Score: 8.38
Adam Shaltout, 17th, Score: 8.31


Group B Female - Changquan

Erica Li, 7th, Score: 8.71
Zeina Shaltout, 14th, Score: 8.10

Group B Female - Jianshu

Erica Li, 7th, Score: 8.95
Zeina Shaltout, 9th, Score: 8.90

Group B Female - Qiangshu

Erica Li, 5th, Score: 9.02
Zeina Shaltout, 8th, Score: 8.81


Group B Male - Daoshu

Caleb Akai, 9th, Score: 8.70

Group B Male - Gunshu

Caleb Akai, 7th, Score: 8.53


Group A Male - Changquan

Rex Lam, 13th, Score: 8.71

Group A Male - Daoshu

Rex Lam, 9th, Score: 9.00

Group A Male - Gunshu

Rex Lam, 9th, Score: 8.87


Group A Male - Nanquan

Rasa Rahnema, 7th, Score: 8.90

Group A Male - Nandao

Rasa Rahnema, 7th, Score: 8.93

Group A Male - Nangun

Rasa Rahnema, 8th, Score: 9.00