Wushu Tournament Beijing 2008 was a wushu competition held during the Olympics in Beijing, China. The goal of the tournament was to promote Wushu as a potential Olympic sport.

2008 - Wushu Tournament Beijing (北京2008武术比赛)

Dates: August 21-24th, 2008

Location: Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Beijing, China

Key achievements:

Results for Wayland Li Athlete, Wei-Jen Lee at Wushu Tournament Beijing 2008

Broadsword (Daoshu), Score: 9.50
Staff (Gunshu), Score: 9.43
Combined Daoshu and Gunshu, 4th place, Score: 18.93

北京武术2008 Women's Gunshu 棍术 Lee Wei-Jen (CAN) 9.43.

Wei-Jen and Shifu Li television interview with Mike Arsalides, First Local Sports, October 29, 2007.