Our Chief Instructor - Master Wayland Li

In 1972, Wayland Li (李文启) began his martial arts journey during his childhood in China, training and competing in Wushu. At 15 years old, he won several gold medals at his first national taolu (套路) competition in Harbin, China as a member of the Qingshan Wushu Team. Master Li continued winning gold medals at China’s national championships for individual and dual events throughout the 1977-1985 period. During this time, Master Li and movie-star Jet Li (李连杰) were recognized as China's outstanding Wushu athletes. 

Following his professional athletic career, Master Li became the head coach of China’s Inner Mongolia Region Wushu team, and trained many successful athletes from 1985 to 1993. A year later, Master Li trained and coached the Republic of Mongolia’s national team.

In 1994, Master Li moved to Toronto, Canada and served as the head coach of the Canadian National Wushu Team. By 1998, he opened the Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre in Markham, Ontario where he has trained countless competitive taolu athletes and recreational Wushu students.

Master Li’s students have earned many medals and achievements in both national and international competitions, including the 2008 Beijing Wushu Tournament at the Olympics, various World Wushu Championships and Pan American Wushu Championships.   Master Li is recognized as one of the leading martial arts instructors, and his teaching methods and achievements have been recognized by Wu Bin (吴彬), the former director of the International Wushu Federation, former coach of Jet Li and current director with the Chinese Wushu Association.

Master Li has taught Wushu for over 30 years, passing on his knowledge to students in Canada and China. He has dedicated his life to instructing students and helping them discover their full potential through Wushu.