Congratulates to the success of our athletes that participated in the 2016 Canadian Nationals!

Date: July 23, 2016

Location: Markham Pan Am Centre, Toronto, Canada

Key Achievements:

  • 20 students from Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre participated in ranked taolu competition

  • A total of 39 medals awarded to Wayland Li students including 15 gold medals, 15 silver and 9 bronze

  • 7 out of 12 spots on the Canadian National Junior Wushu Team went to students from Wayland Li, including Remy, Nima, Erica, Zeina, Rex, Ashley and Adam

The 2016 Wayland Li competition team during the preparation camp.

The 2016 Wayland Li competition team during the preparation camp.

The 2016 Wayland Li competition team.

The 2016 Wayland Li competition team.

Wayland Li Competition Team for Canadian Nationals, 2016


Group A

Remy Zhou

Nima Rahnema
Rasa Rahnema
Eric Shi

Group B

Erica Li
Zeina Shaltout

Rex Lam
Dylan Liu
Shanley Lam
Ian Chan

Group C

Amanda Fejedelem
Julia Fejedelem
Ashley Liu
Lia Tang-Ruggiero

Adam Shaltout
Louis Ho
Kai-Hsin Chang
Caleb Akai
Kevin Lu
Enzo Shi

Results for Wayland Li Athletes at 2016 Canadian Nationals


Group A Female - Changquan

Remy Zhou, Silver, Score: 8.84

Group A Female - Daoshu

Remy Zhou, Gold, Score: 9.09

Group A Female - Gunshu

Remy Zhou, Gold, Score: 9.03


Group B Female - Changquan

Erica Li, Gold, Score: 9.33
Zeina Shaltout, 5th, Score: 8.13

Group B Female - Jianshu

Erica Li, Silver, Score: 8.95
Zeina Shaltout, Bronze, Score: 8.70

Group B Female - Qiangshu

Erica Li, Silver, Score: 9.12
Zeina Shaltout, Bronze, Score: 8.75


Group C Female - Changquan

Ashley Liu, Silver, Score: 8.80
Amanda Fejedelem, Bronze, Score: 8.69
Julia Fejedelem, 4th, Score: 8.58
Lia Tang-Ruggiero, 13th, Score: 8.10

Group C Female - Daoshu

Julia Fejedelem, Gold, Score: 8.78

Group C Female - Gunshu

Julia Fejedelem, Gold, Score: 8.60
Lia Tang-Ruggiero, 5th, Score: 8.10


Group C Female - Jianshu

Ashley Liu, Silver, Score: 8.82
Amanda Fejedelem, Bronze, Score: 8.80

Group C Female - Qiangshu

Ashley Liu, Gold, Score: 8.86
Amanda Fejedelem, Bronze, Score: 8.61


Group A Male - Changquan

Nima Rahnema, Silver, Score: 9.27
Eric Shi, Bronze, Score: 8.70

Group A Male - Jianshu

Nima Rahnema, Gold, Score: 9.43
Eric Shi, Silver, Score: 9.02

Group A Male - Qiangshu

Nima Rahnema, Gold, Score: 9.28
Eric Shi, Silver, Score: 8.68


Group A Male - Nanquan

Rasa Rahnema, Gold, Score: 9.23

Group A Male - Nandao

Rasa Rahnema, Gold, Score: 8.85

Group A Male - Nangun

Rasa Rahnema, Gold, Score: 9.13


Group B Male - Changquan

Dylan Liu, Gold, Score: 8.98
Rex Lam, 4th, Score: 8.83
Stanley Lam, 7th, Score: 8.63
Ian Chan, 9th, Score: 8.28

Group B Male - Daoshu

Dylan Liu, Silver, Score: 8.87
Rex Lam, 5th, Score: 8.75
Stanley Lam, 6th, Score: 8.71
Ian Chan, 8th, Score: 8.14

Group B Male - Gunshu

Rex Lam, Gold, Score: 9.09
Dylan Liu, Silver, Score: 9.07
Stanley Lam, Bronze, Score: 8.85


Group B Male - Qiangshu

Ian Chan, Bronze, Score: 8.83


Group C Male - Changquan

Adam Shaltout, Gold, Score: 8.84
Kai-Hsin Chang, Silver, Score: 8.68
Caleb Akai, 6th, Score: 8.46
Louis Ho, 7th, Score: 8.45
Enzo Shi, 12th, Score: 8.08
Kevin Lu, 14th, Score: 7.90

Group C Male - Daoshu

Kai-Hsin Chang, Silver, Score: 8.65
Caleb Akai, 4th, Score: 8.52
Kevin Lu, 10th, Score: 7.80
Enzo Shi, 11th, Score: 7.60

Group C Male - Gunshu

Adam Shaltout, Silver, Score: 8.75
Kai-Hsin Chang, Bronze, Score: 8.67
Caleb Akai, 5th, Score: 8.46
Kevin Lu, 9th, Score: 8.10
Enzo Shi, 9th, Score: 8.10


Group C Male - Jianshu

Louis Ho, Gold, Score: 8.93
Adam Shaltout, Silver, Score: 8.68

Group C Male - Qiangshu

Louis Ho, Silver, Score: 8.53