Wushu taolu

2018 Canadian National Junior Wushu Team Selections

Congratulates to all 30 athletes from Wayland Li that competed in the 2018 Canadian Nationals on May 19-20, 2018! 

Key Achievements:

  • 7 athletes from Wayland Li Wushu selected to represent Canada on the Junior National Wushu Team, including Rex Lam, Rasa Rahnema, Erica Li, Caleb Akai, Zeina Shaltout, Adam Shaltout and Kai-Hsin Chang.
  • 19 athletes participated in High Performance taolu divisions, finishing with gold, silver and bronze medal achievements.
  • Open events: 10 students participated in competition for the first time, taking home several gold, silver and bronze medals.

Wushu Demonstration at the 2017 Martial Arts Festival

On 2 December 2017, the students of Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre (李文启武术学院) performed a wushu demonstration at the Toronto Martial Arts Festival. 

The event featured performances from martial arts schools from around Toronto, and members of the Shaolin Temple that traveled from China.