World Wushu Championships

Congrats World Champion Erica Li!

Congratulations to Erica Li, world champion that took home bronze for Double Straightsword at the 15th World Wushu Championships. The event was held in Shanghai, China from October 19th to 24th. Erica finished with a score of 9.17. We are very proud of you and your amazing accomplishment!


Team Canada results for Wayland Li Students:


Women’s Double Straightsword
Erica Li - 3rd Place/Bronze, score 9.17

Women’s Changquan
Winnie Cai - 9th place, score 9.59
Erica Li - 14th place, score 9.496

Men’s Daoshu
Rex Lam - 17th place, score 9.313
Dylan Liu - 31st place, score 8.546

Men’s Gunshu
Dylan Liu - 17th place, score 9.36
Rex Lam - 30th place, score 8.97

Men’s Changquan
Jason Chen-Leung - 24th place, score 9.26
Rex Lam - 34th place, score 9.166
Dylan Liu - 39th place, score 8.99