Wushu Competition

2018 U.S. Challenge X

Congratulations to our 7 athletes from Wayland Li that competed in the 2018 U.S. Challenge X (美国精英赛)! 

The October 7th, 2018 competition was organized by the U.S. Wushu Academy, as well as support from Kung Fu Magazine (TigerClaw), Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy and World Swordsmen Federation.

In addition, the event hosted a “Train with Coach Wu Bin (吴彬)” workshop the day before the tournament. Our students were very honored and excited to train with Jet Li and Zhang Laoshi’s coach.

Thanks very much to Mr. Christopher Pei and Coach Zhang Guifeng for the warm welcome.


Celebrating the 20 Year Anniversary of Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre in Canada!

Master Wayland Li (李文启老师) founded the school in August 1998. Since then, countless Wushu competitive champions and recreational students have benefited from training in a positive yet challenging learning environment. Master Li has dedicated his life to instructing students and helping them discover their full potential through Wushu.

Congrats World Junior Wushu Champions!

Congratulations to all seven champions from Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre that competed in the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships in Brazil! It has been a long road of training and we are so proud of each of you. Great job representing Team Canada!

A special mention goes out to Adam Shaltout for winning a bronze medal in Group C Gunshu, and Kai-Hsin Chang for winning a bronze medal in Group C Daoshu. Your achievements inspire us!



Good luck at Worlds in Brazil!

On July 9-16, 2018, seven athletes from Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre will compete in the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships. This year's competition is hosted in Brasilia, Brazil, and our athletes will represent Canada in:

  • Group A - Changquan, Daoshu, Gunshu; Nanquan, Nandao, Nangun
  • Group B - Changquan, Daoshu, Jianshu, Gunshu, Qiangshu
  • Group C - Changquan, Daoshu, Gunshu

Good luck to Rex, Rasa, Erica, Caleb, Zeina, Adam and Kai-Hsin.


Here is the promotional video introducing the event, compiled by the IWUF and Brazil's wushu organization.

More information can be found on the competition's website (https://www.7thwjwc.com/), including a schedule of events and results for the Taolu and Sanda events.

Good luck to Team Canada and jia you!

Congrats Wayland Li Athletes at Ontario Winter Games

Congratulations to all of the Wayland Li athletes that participated in the 2018 Ontario Winter Games!

The event was held from May 1-4, 2018 at Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes Secondary School. The event brought together Ontario's best athletes in Taolu, Traditional Forms and Sanda.

Wayland Li had a total of 23 athletes compete, bringing a total of 15 medals.



Alfred Yang

Groups A+B

Julia Fejedelem
Amanda Fejedelem
Ashley Liu

Rex Lam
Dylan Liu
Kevin Lu
Caleb Akai
Ian Chan
Louis Ho

Group C

Calysta Liao
Sophia Liao
Angelina Liu
Amanda Sun
Chloe Lee
Kaitlyn Wang
Candace Choy
Lia Tang-Ruggiero

Ian Gao
Allen Liu
Michael Lee
Kai-Hsin Chang
Alfred Liu


Seniors combined event handform, short and long weapon (male)
Alfred Yang - 3rd place

Group A+B combined changquan, daoshu and gunshu (female)
Julia Fejedelem - 2nd place

Group A+B combined changquan, jianshu and qiangshu (female)
Ashley Liu - 1st place
Amanda Fejedelem - 2nd place

Group A+B combined changquan, daoshu and gunshu (male)
Rex Lam - 1st place
Dylan Liu - 3rd place

Group A+B combined changquan, jianshu and qiangshu (male)
Louis Ho - 1st place

Group C combined changquan, daoshu and gunshu (female)
Kaitlyn Wang - 1st place
Lia Tang-Ruggiero - 3rd place

Group C combined changquan, jianshu and qiangshu (female)
Amanda Sun - 1st place
Chloe Lee - 2nd place
Candace Choy - 3rd place

Group C combined changquan, daoshu and gunshu (male)
Kai-Hsin Chang - 1st place
Allen Liu - 2nd place
Alfred Liu - 3rd place

Wushu Official Event at Ontario Winter Games

The Ontario Winter Games will run from March 1-4, 2018 and Wushu will be an official sport featured at the Games.

The event is organized by the Ontario Winter Games and Wushu Ontario, and will be held at the Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School.

The Wushu division will feature Sanda and Wushu Taolu competitive events.

Athletes from Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre will be competing at the Games.

Jia you!


Congrats to our Wushu taolu athletes!

Congratulations to all of our athletes that participated in the December 2017 Toronto International Tournament of Martial Arts Champions. The event was sanctioned by Wushu Ontario and recognized by Wushu Canada and the IWUF.

Everyone did great - your hard work paid off!

A special thank you to Shifu Li for the countless hours he put into getting our athletes ready for showtime.

Jia you!

2017 China Trip

Shifu Wayland Li was invited to visit China as a cultural exchange for international wushu coaches from August 23rd to September 7th, 2017.

The event was sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and brought together a team of esteemed wushu coaches from around the world.

Shifu Li and his peers first visited Beijing for a coaching seminar and exchange, and traveled to Tianjin to attend the 13th National Games of the People's Republic of China (第十三届全运会比赛). More than ten thousand athletes competed in the games across 31 sporting events, including Wushu Taolu and Wushu Sanda.

Following Tianjin, the delegation also visited Shaolin Temple in Henan province.

Jiayou Shifu Li!


Results from 2017 Canadian National Wushu Championships

Congratulations to the 39 Wayland Li athletes that competed in the 2017 Canadian Wushu Nationals!  This year’s performance was outstanding for both our experienced competitors and students participating in their first competition.

  • Erica Li selected as part of the Canadian National Team.  She will be travelling to Kazan, Russia later this year for the World Wushu Championships representing Canada. Congrats Erica!
  • Seniors Group: Seven athletes took home 4 gold medals, 4 silver and 3 bronze.
  • Group A: One athlete won three gold medals for changquan, daoshu and gunshu.
  • Group B: 8 athletes from Wayland Li took home 7 gold medals, 8 silver and 4 bronze.
  • Group C: 9 athletes from Wayland Li took home 8 gold medals, 6 silver and 4 bronze.
  • Open events: 21 students participated in competition for the first time, taking home 11 gold medals, 8 silver and 13 bronze.

2017 International Wushu Sports Festival & National Championship

Canada's national Wushu competition will take place on May 20-21, 2017 at the Markham Pan Am Centre.

This year's event will feature athletes competing in traditional taolu events, contemporary taolu events, Sanda sparring events and qualifying trials for the Senior National team.