Markham Pan Am Centre

2019 Canadian National champions!

Congratulates to all 39 athletes from Wayland Li that competed in the 2019 Canadian Nationals! 

The event was held on May 25-26, 2019 and featured the very best athletes from across Canada in the sport of Wushu. The event was a qualifier to select the national senior team that will represent Canada at the 15th World Wushu Championships in Shanghai, China.

Based on their excellent performance, 3 athletes from Wayland Li Wushu were selected for the Canadian National team - congrats Dylan, Erica and Rex!


Congrats to our Wushu taolu athletes!

Congratulations to all of our athletes that participated in the December 2017 Toronto International Tournament of Martial Arts Champions. The event was sanctioned by Wushu Ontario and recognized by Wushu Canada and the IWUF.

Everyone did great - your hard work paid off!

A special thank you to Shifu Li for the countless hours he put into getting our athletes ready for showtime.

Jia you!

Results from 2017 Canadian National Wushu Championships

Congratulations to the 39 Wayland Li athletes that competed in the 2017 Canadian Wushu Nationals!  This year’s performance was outstanding for both our experienced competitors and students participating in their first competition.

  • Erica Li selected as part of the Canadian National Team.  She will be travelling to Kazan, Russia later this year for the World Wushu Championships representing Canada. Congrats Erica!
  • Seniors Group: Seven athletes took home 4 gold medals, 4 silver and 3 bronze.
  • Group A: One athlete won three gold medals for changquan, daoshu and gunshu.
  • Group B: 8 athletes from Wayland Li took home 7 gold medals, 8 silver and 4 bronze.
  • Group C: 9 athletes from Wayland Li took home 8 gold medals, 6 silver and 4 bronze.
  • Open events: 21 students participated in competition for the first time, taking home 11 gold medals, 8 silver and 13 bronze.

2017 International Wushu Sports Festival & National Championship

Canada's national Wushu competition will take place on May 20-21, 2017 at the Markham Pan Am Centre.

This year's event will feature athletes competing in traditional taolu events, contemporary taolu events, Sanda sparring events and qualifying trials for the Senior National team.

2016 Canadian National Wushu/Kung-Fu Taiji Championships

We had 20 athletes from Wayland Li participate in this year's Junior Nationals. The team took home 39 medals across ranked taolu events (15 gold, 15 silver and 9 bronze).

In addition, 7 athletes from our school were selected to represent Canada on the national junior team (Nima, Remy, Rex, Erica, Zeina, Ashley and Adam). 

Congratulations to everyone!